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On the edge of Santa Elena Town, in the twin towns of Western Belize Alps foothills. The community in this suburb is rural with green parrot flocks, white cattle egrets flying back and forth, morning and evening, along GREEN PARROT VALLEY. There are horses for the kids and cows in the cattle ranch across the valley, dogs barking at night sometimes and roosters crowing in the morning. The streets are dirt and rough with about a 100 homes in our civil service community on the slope of Green Parrot Valley. We can see the Western Highway a half mile away and a 160 feet lower to the North, looking across the Belize River Valley and the Yalbac Hills in the distance.

Falconview Backpackers Adventure Hostel, in the front building usually has guests that are University students from different countries on their way around the world. Apartment renters are welcome to mix and mingle in the communal kitchen and hammock, TV room area for conversation.

Phone: Belize 663 5580


On family vacation seeking adventures over several days some people dont want a bunk bed in the hostel dormitory, or retirees looking for retirement and want to explore this Western hilly area of Belize that is Eternal Spring for a month first before buying and building, even University Student groups studying Maya History, or doing a University Life Experience trip, use the apartment and attached hostel dormitory in the next building.

Rates: High season three times a year. For 2008 we are asking $485 a month plus you have to pay 9% accomodations tax. Which equals $528.65 usa currency. Depending on season and other factors the price is negotiable. By the week, a shorter period, we ask $196 usa plus 9% accomodations tax, which equals $213.64 usa currency. By the single night we ask currently $45 plus 9% accomodations tax, which equals $49.05 usa currency.

Apartment for Rent in the foothills of the Belize Alps, on the slope of Green Parrot Valley, the area of Belize that is ETERNAL SPRING. Rates can change without notice!

Apartment from inner courtyard
Beneath is a warehouse, storeroom.

Kitchenette, 2 burner, microwave
Silvia Auxillou at door entrance

bedroom, we can also include a futon for a single

Ray on verandah
across the valley you can see the Yalbac hills

Ray in kitchenette from door view
The kitchenette is adequate but small


Taken from corner of microwave to doorway view

Our apartment is for tourists in a seperate annex in our lot. Our high tourist season are three per year. From middle of December through to the end of January. The Easter break of three weeks and the six weeks of mid July through end of August. When nobody has it booked, my Brother-in-law Gustavo moves up from Falconview Backpackers Hostel below in the front building and uses it for sleeping in. So the apartment is never really empty. This is an annex to our Hostel, which has a dormitory with bunk beds at low rates. We are currently working on another apartment on the third floor we hope will be ready for 2009 tourist season, which has a hydroponic organic vegetable garden that produces our vegetables in it next to the third floor. We also hope to complete an efficiency on the second floor by 2009.

You can link here to our regular web page of information of our doings and area. CLICK HERE!

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