BEREA COLLEGE, KENTUCKY, Travel Abroad Life Experience program to BELIZE for students.


We were honored to be chosen by three young girls, from Berea College in Kentucky, who had chosen us, for their Travel Abroad College, one credit, Life Experiences January expedition in Belize, Central America. Berea College they told us had an assisted program, and while they chose Australia originally, they didn't have enough money after their research. Europe was too expensive and so they chose BELIZE, in Central America. They have to do a paper each on something experienced in Belize. They contacted Ray and Silvia Auxillou at FALCONVIEW TOURIST BACKPACKERS ADVENTURE HOSTEL for assistance. We had just finished an apartment for rent in our annex and after juggling their available funds, tours and expeditions they wished to do, while in Belize, they decide instead of staying in the hostel dormitory, their budget would be less if they all bunked together in our new apartment. We in turn installed a futon along with the double bed. The savings would allow them more adventures. Silvia now retired from Dade County Community Community College understood their problems. As did Ray, who in previous decades ran Anthropology student expeditions and Marine Biology expeditions for student groups from different universities.

The THREE traveling international students in Belize from Berea College program are AMBER MEADOWS, 22 years old. She is majoring in phsycology and in her last fourth year of her Bachelors Degree. She hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Amber says she is interested in gerontology for a profession.

ERIN JOHNSON, 21 years, is the daredevil of the three friends. She also is majoring in phsycology and in her 4th year. I found her comments incisive and well analyzed in debates with me. Her folks are from Daytona Beach, Florida presently.

Geri Guy is a history major and interested in African American history, with emphasis on the Gulla tribe origins of Africa. She also is in her 4th year of her Bachelors Degree and from Greenville, South Carolina. Her professional interest is cultural anthropology.

BEREA COLLEGE, Berea, Kentucky is a liberal arts college created back around 1855 to mix the white and black races in education, including mixed genders, male and female. That has to be some place to start that around the time of USA civil war. The College is heavily into Christian values and fits their program for low income students. I understand that competition entrance exam standards for the College is high. About 20% of the applying students are accepted. This College has about 1500 students and gives full tuition scholarships. The three girls here in Belize, said they have an excellent STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM and from everything I heard, the college tries to give a well rounded balanced education. The three girls impressed me with their ability to prioritize and watch the spending of their money. They definitely are squeezing the mostest for the least of their travel money allotments. A large part they had to borrow I understand, in a loan, in order to come to Belize.

To contact Falconview Tourist Backpackers Adventure Hostel in the foothills of the Belize Alps CLICK HERE for email.

To contact by slow mail overseas. Address: Box 276, San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize, Central America.

Telephone locally: 663 5580

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New apartment in Falconview Hostel annex.

Pirate meets them at International Airport
Didn't know what they looked like, so told them to look for an old pirate.

Ultra light flying for each of them in a TRIKE
They each took a flight over the Belize River valley in a TRIKE

FACULTY back in Berea College is Dwayne Mack.
Sponsor - Libby Jones

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The apartment for rent photos! CLICK HERE!

General tour operators expedition prices in the Belize Alps foothills Maya country, for 2008. CLICK RIGHT HERE!


Older photos of Falconview Hostel. CLICK HERE!

One of our major attractions, the underworld Mayan entrance to XIBALBA, the nine planes of existance in Mayan religious mythology. CLICK HERE!

Mayan vase from the temple ruins.
Caracol, Xununtanich and Cahel Pech, were explored.

Rio Frio Cave in the foothills of the Belize Alps
The three college student friends exploring, Jan. 2008 Back in Berea College people have snow.

Amanda in tree root of high jungle by Caracol
This is virgin jungle around Caracol

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